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Anyone can take a great picture. At least that's what the great camera manufacturers are saying: “Buy my camera and you'll take great pictures”... But we know that's a lie, don't we? We know that not everyone can take THE Great picture ­ and certainly, not get hundreds of them in a crazy place like the middle of a wedding. It takes a lot of skill to be ready when those incredible moments occur. They say that “luck is when opportunity is connected to preparation”. Great photographers know how to be prepared, so they can get lucky when that once-­in-­a­-lifetime moment occurs. A great photographer can be an artist. And THAT is where we BEGIN our evaluation of those who wish to join our photographer family. And we've learned that this amazing skill isn't even the most important piece of the puzzle. The most important skill our photographers all share is knowing WHERE and WHEN that special moment will occur for the bride and groom ­and being there... over and over and over.

Every time a once-­in-­a­-lifetime moment occurs at our bride's wedding, our photographers are there. How do they know such magical things? Easier than you might think ­ they watch, listen and connect with the bride. The know their "job" is helping the bride celebrate the simple romance of their relationship. And, thank goodness, they have a camera to capture it, as well.

At Wedding Day Story, we know that the STORY is important, not just the event. Our couples find in us a photographer, and company behind him, that celebrates THEM, not just the event. What they really wants is to have a great wedding photographer "in the family." We know that. That's why we ensure that Wedding Day Story sees all of our couples, just like family.

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