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My name is Thomas Zitnansky and I’m a photographer who specializes in engagement and wedding photography. I’m originally from Slovakia, with time spent in beautiful Vienna, and now I reside in Toronto’s beautiful fashion district.

I spent a huge part of life studying music. At the age of 8 I started studying the violin. At the age of 13 I started studying guitar and at the age of 15 I took on the piano. After 18 years of studying music I found myself spending more time photographing my friends than I did writing and producing music. Soon after, I followed my friends around documenting their work in recording studios and taking portraits for the album artwork. At this point photography was just a creative outlet but everything changed that one day in New York.

I happen to follow one of my friends to a Manhattan recording studio. My friend happened to be in New York mastering his album with Tony Dawsey. Masterdisk, the company Tony Dawsey works for ended up buying one of the images I took during the studio session. Before I knew it the portrait of Tony Dawsey was all over the internet. That’s the day I realized photography wasn’t just a creative outlet it became my new passion.

As I ventured into wedding photography I started taking these beautiful portraits of my brides. Most wedding photographers focused on a specific type of photography before we ventured into wedding photography. I happen to bring my portraiture fundamentals into my wedding photography.

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