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Easily Collect & Share guest photos of your wedding.

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Everybody takes pictures on their phones at weddings, and everybody can send a text message. TextEventPics givesyou a special phone number for your wedding which all your guests text their photos to.

The photos are published to a private photo gallery and a real time slide show. Both the Photo Gallery and Slide Show can be shared on each guest's phone, on your website, on a Facebook page, and if you have a big screen at your venue you can display the Slide Show in live!

By not asking your guests to download an App, more people will enjoy sharing photos, and you are respecting their personal data privacy because Apps require permission to access at all their photos, contacts, and other personal identification data just to download the App.

However, your wedding event phone number is simply a phone number saved in the contacts list. We cant spy on our users! Which is great and as important as the fact that we make No copyright claims to photos you collect through our service of your wedding. They are yours to keep.

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