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Hi. My thrust of taking a perfect picture never actually ends. We learn from each & every photograph we capture. We specialize in a pretty-cool field which we refer to as Creative Candid Wedding photography.

Wedding is one of the most important day in everyone’s life. It is all about candid shots or picking the perfect moment & freeze it. So before you purchase your dress, jewelry, & doing all other arrangements you should choose a photographer who will going to freeze your very precious moment into something beautiful & make a story out of it which will be remembered by you & your family throughout your whole life.

It is all about capturing emotion, the togetherness you feel with your better half & smiling at moments that you never knew happened in your wedding day. Seeing the emotion on your family & friends faces, from getting ready & smiling with your close friends & relatives & last but not the least the emotion on your mom & dad faces as they shed a tear & looks on with pride.

My aim is reach a degree of subtle sophistication. We will talk to you in-depth about what you want the end-result to look like & are happy to carry out post-production that gives your photos that unique, everlasting touch & at end is just to see a smile on your face after the album reaches at your doorstep.
So here we are ready to travel all over India to freeze your significant life moment into something beautiful. So just give us a chance to tell you a story of your wedding day through our style of photography and it’s a promise that you will never regret it.

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