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I’m a Photographer living on this wonderful island of Mauritius , I won’t tell you how lucky I am to have the privilege of living here. I’ve a long experience in photography, I worked for years with one of the greatest, if not the greater photographer of the island. I’m sure you expect me to give you his name !? No way ! Not even in your dreams, because you would choose him as your photographer and I shall loose a crazy moments with you, so I will keep his name secret, I can be naughty sometimes !!

I’m not here to tell you that “ I’m the best photographer of the planet or the best of the island” or the usual bla bla bla , but just here to says that I really like my job as a photographer, I do it with passion , something that I can promise, it’s that if I am here for your wedding or other events, we are going to have crazy times and crazy pictures together .. get ready for that.. now if you like my pictures and my wonderful speach :) , you can simply contact me without delay

Don’t feel obliged to look at other photographers website , you can STOP here if the heart says “STOP” :)

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