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We’re a married team of wedding photographers who met on a photo shoot and believe that the best photos in the world capture the best moments in life. And we do things just a little differently. Not only do we capture the touching, fun, exciting moments of weddings, but we create unique photography experiences that you and your friends and family will love. This includes our Bluesteel Airstream Photobooth which adds something incredible cool to any wedding.

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Real Wedding – Sklut & Covarrubias
Real Wedding – Sklut & Covarrubias

I absolutely love this wedding. Not only because it includes BUNNIES, but because they do such a fantastic job mixing the bride’s Jewish upbringing with the groom’s Mexican heritage. Because really, now many wedding have you been to that have a mariachi band play Hava Negila? Thank you to Sonrisa Weddings for sharing it with us! Here’s how the photographer described the wedding to us...