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Hey there!

I’m Sokkha Va.

I chase and strive for natural light because I think you deserve to be kissed by the sun making your skin look milky, creamy, and delicious. I am a Boston photographer with an obsession for dark chocolate, a Pete’s Coffee lover, and I am known for befriending strangers.

You might be my bride if you believe in planning a life together more beautiful than a wedding. You believe that a love story is real and not always perfect because that only happens in Disney movies. You think your partner is the sexiest person on planet Earth. You get giddy at the idea of sneaking out to chase the sunset with me for about 15 minutes or so for that awesome wedding portrait. You like to laugh so hard your nostrils flare and eyes water and belly hurts so good. You value experiences over things. You are ready to be friends with me.

I decided to be so into photography because capturing moments when emotions are real and images show a raw connection of love and unity is important or because I believe you shouldn’t have to rely on your memory ( that isn’t as reliable as digital or prints!).

Still reading? Ya think we might be a good fit? Get in touch with me! I’d love to give you more deets!

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