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Wedding photojournalists serving all of southern California with passion, art, and love since 2008.

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We are wedding photographers ​with a photojournalistic approach and a style that is modern, romantic, and visually captivating. We specialize in creating beautiful imagery that completely captures the epic feeling of your wedding day. How do we do it? By creating dramatic backgrounds, working unexpected angles, capturing decisive moments and intimate glances, and by paying as much attention to the details as you do.

Your wedding is a joyous celebration of the two of you and the amazing, beautiful world you inhabit together, surrounded, of course, by all your friends and family.​ As a client of Ryan and Andrea Photography you'll receive bold and striking photographs that will remind you of your wedding day for years to come. You will be able to see your day through these images in ways you simply couldn't when it was happening. You'll be delighted and inspired whenever you look through your wedding photographs.

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Intimate Backyard Wedding in Pasadena, CA

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