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Hey everybody!!

My name is Kat.

I'm an artist and a total weirdo.

I am a "fine art wedding photojournalist."

(What the heck is that...?)

It means that I spend the entire day turning your wedding into a beautiful pictorial documentation that allows you to relive the day over and over again, and give friends and family who weren't able to attend a chance to "be there."

I also take moments throughout the day to create works of fine art, or photos that would be interesting even to those who don't know you, as well as taking a bit more than a moment to create beautiful, artistic portraits that will stand out in the crowd.

In a nutshell, while I adore documenting the emotion, excitement, LOVE and every other raw emotion found throughout the wedding process, I also relish in the interesting, the unique, and creating images that will leave you saying "wow."

Call me asap to find out about the art I can create for you, and learn why my brides don't just stay my clients, but quickly turn into my friends. <3

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