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I’m not just a photographer. I’m a wedding photographer. It isn’t the camera in my hands that makes me happy, but working with real people and their real relationships. I live in Chicago and love the unique opportunities this city offers, but I also really enjoy capturing love stories all around the world.

I want to create images that your mom will look at & say, “That’s my little girl. I can hear her laughter in that photo.” I am passionate about reminding couples & families to slow down and soak in the moments spent together. Because, at the end of the day, even if we create an award-winning image together, what does it matter if it doesn’t mean something?

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 An Elegant and Heartfelt Wedding in Ravinia, IL
An Elegant and Heartfelt Wedding in Ravinia, IL

Photographer Rebecca Marie says "The thing about intensely sweet & genuine people is they attract more sweet & genuine people. Yes, those adjectives describe Lindsay & Ryan (or at least skim the surface), but they also describe the family & friends that surrounded them on their wedding day."