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I help couples to shoot the story of their wedding by metod"Beyond The News" in order they get authentic pictures.

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The Art of Story Telling Through Pictures

Pietro Cuccia is an active documentary photographer, whose work is to creating photographic stories for
magazines, photographic books and photo-agencies. He likes to apply his street-photography style also in his
wedding photos for couples who want to have a "personal" story of their wedding day, telling all the unrepeatable
details specifical of the day. He provides wedding photo services creating short stories out of photo sequences
giving to wedding-photos their particular feeling that many couples have definined as "informal", appreciating it.
He works both in Color and in Black&White. He is also a professional B&W printer with an advanced technical
knowledge of the zone-system, the hand-processing and fine-printing methods that enable him to provide fine-art
silver b&w prints, interpretating the final print in accordance with customer wishes.

His wedding service starts from the preparation of the bride, continuing at ceremony and after providing
an all day photo-essay based on reportage and documentary photography, shooting both in color and B&W.
Although some couples demands an half-day service (i.e. only ceremony with or without after) providing them
a short photo-essay. On demand, he may shoot only in Black&White or only in Color.
He may provide also a video-essay by a master video producer.
He serves couples who are getting married in Taormina or in Palermo, in Sicily.
He may shoots for wedding services on location in Italy cities of art as Florence, Rome, Venice
in Capri and Amalfi's Coast, in Sicily or on-location all over the world .

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