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My name is Ilya. I'm a photographer based in New York. Photography has become my passion in 2007. It took me time to find my own way in being a photographer since general perception of photography has changed dramatically over the years. I studied the history of photography and while improving my skills, I realized that ''cheesy, jump-in-air" type of fake pictures were not my style. I capture moments of life that carry true emotions. I use documentary approach and I believe that everything simple, classic will stay with you forever, unlike momentarily fashion trends in photography that come and go each season. I want each shot to be meaningful and my experience allows me to capture all the important details, even the smallest ones, but of the great value. Our memories are priceless and photography is the only tool that gives us an opportunity to go back and experience those special moments again. Photography is also the way to discover your true self and look at things from a different angle. And I can help.

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