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You’ve been moved by someone so fundamentally that you are now joining your worlds & lives together, this is the real you. The you that we want to meet, the you who’s story we want to discover..


We want to shed light on all of the things that make you who you are, big or small. What are your dreams? Your quirks? What are the little things give you huge grins and shiny eyes?


The moment when discovery and light intersects, something quite magical happens. A spark. You ignite our imaginations and we transcend from telling just another story to telling a story that belongs to you. Your story.


We are not interested in telling generic stories with our imagery. So we step back and ponder on how we can incorporate everything we’ve learnt about you in your story. It becomes more than just a wedding or an engagement session, it becomes you.


Your wedding is a celebration of life, love, and a celebration of you. It is exactly how we feel about our images, they become an experience which is meaningful & relevant to you & us.

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Creating Your Wedding Day Shotlist
Creating Your Wedding Day Shotlist

Being photojournalistic photographers, we don’t spend our days walking around with a checklist of the shots we need to take in order to be able to tell a compelling story. We tend to take what feels right at that given moment. Go with the flow while keeping in in mind that we need to have a certain amount of detail photos, bride + groom photos, group photos, formal photos and so on. Mental checklists are great that way.

Get to Know a Wedding Photographer: Photography by Mélanie
Get to Know a Wedding Photographer: Photography by Mélanie

Today’s interview is with WeddingPhotoLove’s very own Photography by Mélanie! Thank you, Melanie, for sitting down with us and giving us the scoop–we had so much fun. On a side note – isn’t her photo adorable? I just want to teleport into that little fishing village and have a lobster roll. Now, onto the interview!