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Springfield Missouri wedding photographers that offer affordable pricing for high-quality photographs. After 8 years in the business, around 4000 portraits, and over 130 weddings captured it its safe to say I am a veteran. From a young age, I knew that this was my true passion and have worked endlessly from a young age to build the successful and rewarding business that I now have grown to a team of three. I am still just as passionate as I was starting out and I look forward to many more years in this business!

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I was very excited to work with this company after seeing reviews and wonderful pictures on Facebook. The pricing was also very reasonable. We started with our engagement pictures. We were told they took 2 weeks to get back and we would get a sneak peek in 1 week. After a week, I contacted the photographer and asked when we would receive our sneek peek. I was then informed that sneek peek aren't a gaurentee and she didn't have time to do one. Ok, whatever I only had 1 more week to wait to see them...wrong.....we got them 1 week late after me having to contact her multiple times. Moving on to the wedding. They take 6-8 weeks to receive sneek peek in 3 weeks. 4 weeks later I inquire about my sneek peek and was told she had it ready and would send it to me the next day. So after a couple days i let her know i never recieved ,only to be informed they were running behind and didn't have time to do one. Wait, i thought she said she had it done already. Obvious lie. Moving along to 8 weeks...inquire about my pictures and was told they were almost done. They overbooked themselves and were running behind. Finally recieved HALF my pictures 10 weeks after wedding via email. Supposedly 2 other files were sent as well which I never recieved. 1 month later I let her know I had not got them still. She said she would mail me a DVD will all pictures on it. It is now 4 months after my wedding and I still have not gotten half of my pictures. Now upon inquiring about them, I am getting no response. Would caution anyone on booking this photographer if you want your pictures back in a timely manner...or at all.

Poor customer service, poor experience, poor photos. If I could put zero stars I absolutely would. I would not recommend ANYONE using this company. My experience with them is the same as many others have listed below so I apologize for the long review but I honestly don't want any other bride to have to go through what I did. I am so upset with how my wedding day went, how I was treated by Taylor and her husband, and how my pictures turned out.

Days before my wedding Taylor texts me to say that she has a family "emergency" and can't make it and only her husband will make it. (see reviews below being giving the same story.) So her husband and a second shooter come along. Neither Ben or the second shooter seemed to know what was going on. THE ENTIRE day they had to be directed on how to do their job. My mother-in-law had to direct family photos to make sure they were done, I requested pictures that were ignored, and the second shooter on multiple occasions said to me that she didn't know what poses to do and made inappropriate comments about the main photographer.

The absolute worst part of the day was when we left the church and drove to a nearby park to take bridal party photos. The videographer and photographers beat the bridal party there and parked near each other. However, as soon as the bridal party arrived ready to take photos Ben and the second shooter were no where to be found. I called Ben several times with no answer. My entire bridal party, including my husband and I, AND my videographer had to go searching through the park to find our photographers. I honestly thought they had took off. It took a half an hour to find them. A half an hour on my wedding day that we had to run around a park frantically because our photographers were no where to be found. Once we found them, no explanation was given and no apology. It was strange they disappeared together, rude they never apologized and was just an absolute mess.

Following my wedding day was lies after lies after lies. Taylor was disrespectful, rude, and could not seem to ever be honest with me. It got to the point where I thought I would never receive my pictures from my wedding. I was originally told my sneak peak pictures would come in 3 days after the wedding...they came after a month of asking. Then, I was told I would get all my wedding pictures in 3-6 weeks...they after 4 months of asking, begging and then eventually planning to sue this company. Instead of ever taking responsibility, Taylor just had excuses for everything. I have finally received my pictures (like I said once I was ready to sue) and they are not at all what you want for your wedding day. The majority are blurry, out of focus, and many special moments were missed. Please save yourself the heartbreak and use a different photographer.

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