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We are a wedding photographer couple that shoot both local and destination weddings. We shoot timeless, classic wedding photos with a modern twist. I am the big, dramatic image guy. She is all about the finer details. Together, we provide beautiful images that never descend into cheesiness.

We’re also big believers in the power and permanence of a physical product. All our packages come with albums. Our own home is littered with prints from the weddings we’ve shot.

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Get to Know a Wedding Photographer: Pedram Navid Photography
Get to Know a Wedding Photographer: Pedram Navid Photography

The two things that capture most of my attention are dogs and photography. I’m a huge Boston Terrier enthusiast, and spend my time volunteering with Boston Terrier Rescue Canada when I’m not working on images. I also give my time to local shelters and rescues offering free photography for animals big and small, everything from little bearded dragons to pigs, cows, and horses...