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I’m Kathleen, and I create artistic documentary wedding, portrait & event photography. I’m located in Connecticut just outside of NYC, but travel anywhere. My photography is often described as atmospheric and cinematic.

While searching for a photographer for my own wedding, I had a hard time finding someone whose style I related to. That’s why when I left my full-time job to start shooting weddings myself, I wanted to incorporate my background in film, fashion, and art.

Those who click with me are usually creative themselves, and are looking for wedding photography that is different, and more like art than event photography. More emotional, more candid, less frilly. I’ve worked with comic book artists, writers, musicians, theater professionals and designers. If you’re not an artist but appreciate finding beauty in the every-day, we’ll probably be a fit too. If you’re looking for typical wedding photos, I probably won’t be the best photographer for you.

Weddings are about one amazing day where all of your most-loved people are together at once. It’s a beautiful and artistic part of your life that deserves to be treated as its own mini-documentary.

Most of all, I believe wedding photography is about trust – trust that I’m going to create something you’ll love, that the slightly weird things I may ask you to do in front of the camera will turn out looking cool in your photos, that you’re in good hands.

In addition to full coverage I also do a select number of elopements and smaller weddings with fewer hours included

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Meet a Wedding Photographer in New York, NY: Parenthesis Photography
Meet a Wedding Photographer in New York, NY: Parenthesis Photography

I create wedding photography for couples who don’t want the typical light and bright images, but instead something a little more raw, adventurous, and cinematic. I studied film, art and art history in college and my photography is very influenced by those things. My main goals are to capture my couples’ weddings in the most unobtrusive way possible, and to be there for them throughout the process to make things less stressful. I love...