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I love capturing candid nostalgic photographs, not creating them. The photo is in the moment - you just have to find it.

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Hey everyone! My name is Alexis and this is the section I tell you about me, well as you can probably guess, I'm a mom, fiance, and generally happy person. I love what I do but it took me over a decade to get where I am, no one can stop me. Born in Rockford, IL, raised in Minnesota. Found the love of my life in Sterling, IL and here we are. We live in a quiet and generally nice little town surrounded by corn (secretly I love it but miss the big city life of Minnesota). I have always been a wander and dreamer, something they tell you not to do. Well, I went to college a handful of times and finally realized that I wanted to pursue my dream of capturing others dreams in portraits. I quit my job in nursing; something I loved to do, I loved helping people; it was just the wrong type of 'helping' I realized I was doing. Photography has been in my life for as long as I've been able to hold a camera. I'm generally inspired by my family, especially my daughter (if you notice we have a lot of mini-sessions around town). Her wanderlust and neverland dreams are what drive me. The pure, raw joy I see when I get to photograph clients, especially innocent ones are what makes my journey worth it. My biggest downfall is social anxiety which I am slowly overcoming, (Type A personality with social anxiety is fun sometimes!) I get to be able to read people a lot better than most, which you can see in the emotion of my portraits. I think a lot of that comes from moving around so much and never fully understanding who I was growing up. It took me 30 years to finally see what I am and I'm loving every minute of being an adult who can generally say that they love their 'job' and wants to continue learning and growing in this extremely competitive field.

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