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International destination wedding photographers, Nicole & Max, are the faces behind Nicole Amanda Photography. Based in Ottawa, Canada, we LOVE to travel and will meet you anywhere in the world for your wedding.

Intimately lost in each other no matter who is around, opting for that date night in, spontaneously bringing home ice cream, decorating your home from the pages of an Urban Barn catalogue, always traveling but always home for Christmas. Because when you hold his hand, you see the moment you met and your future at the same time. Because you cant wait to add your wedding photos to that box that still holds that old movie stub.

Resinate with you? Then you're probably a Nicole Amanda bride.

The Wedding Experience is now just about the photos, it's about how you feel in each and every moment; because that is what makes the photo. My focus is your comfort and relaxation throughout the whole process, because if you feel awkward that is the only thing you will remember about your wedding photos. This is why the engagement session is vital to the wedding photography process.

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We were sitting down in my garage and I was sitting on his lap. He started telling me how he went to Chapters [book store] that day and that he was looking through books on tattoos, but that he also found a book of love poems he looked through...

Get to Know a Wedding Photographer: Nicole Amanda Photography
Get to Know a Wedding Photographer: Nicole Amanda Photography

My name is Nicole of Nicole Amanda Photography. I am based in Ottawa, Canada and love to shoot detailed outdoor weddings. I have been shooting weddings for two years while attending school, but I have finally graduated and am now working on my photography business full time...