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We are silent and discreet observers of important days full of emotions, we love to capture every moment and smile of those who rely on us

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It all began in the summer of 1994. A Box full of pictures collected from magazines and books, just like a suitcase full of dreams, and the wish of a seventeen year old wanting to learn all about photography. I went to my first photography school with a specific request, to learn how to take those photographs I had collected. Those who knew how hard it would be, gave me a big smile, but it was then that I knew for sure I would become a photographer. I love to photograph, whatever happens, minute by minute, while unaware actors on the stage of life live their stories, catching their smiles, surprise, and all the small things that would otherwise fade away. I love showing the beauty of human soul and emotions.I like to know people, I’m a simple person, happy and always cheerful

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