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Michal Kriesch Studios is run by Michal Kriesch, a photographer with decades of experience, which allows for top tier contemporary wedding photography. For the best cinematic & stop motion wedding videos, look no further than Michal Kriesch - a Sydney based photographer specialising in stop motion videos. At Michal Kriesch Studios, you can find the perfect photography packages to fit your individual needs, with prices starting from $3,000. Michal Kriesch studios provide contemporary wedding photography services in Sydney. To contact, please call Michal on 0414 915 519.

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How to Use Stop Motion Videos in a Wedding
How to Use Stop Motion Videos in a Wedding

Stop Motion Videos are the hot new trend of wedding photography. For those who haven’t heard of it yet, it’s a novel approach to wedding video, where series of images are used to create the effect of video through rapidly changing photos. It’s a unique way to capture your entire wedding experience in a short and beautiful video that’s unique, personal and thus great for sharing with friends and relatives.