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My three years of service overseas in Afghanistan and Kosovo has given me a special appreciation for my family, and the families of all service members. I am proud to offer a 15% discount on wedding and portrait photography services to active and reserve military, veterans and their immediate families.

I got into lifestyle photography because I’m passionate about working with people, learning new stories and creating art. My overarching business philosophy is simple: Put good things in and get good things out. Every shoot I do benefits from;

Creative Process: I’m not a run and gun kind of photographer. Instead I believe great photographs are made. I love working with people to identify the story they want to tell and creating a session road map to capture it.
Quality Gear: I leverage innovative sensors and industry leading optics delivering high quality results even in poor conditions. I have backup cameras and lenses available in case of accident or malfunction.
Production Team: All of my images go through several stages of processing and quality control delivering finished imagery products consistently on time and to standard.
Continious Improvement: My time in the military and coorporate world has deeply ingrained a commitment to listen, find and fix problems, and improve my operations and photographic technique.
In my free time I enjoy fishing and connecting with nature. I like scouting out scenic locations and incorporate a love for landscape photography into my wedding and portrait offerings to set the stage for the story.

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