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This is the part of the wedding photography profile where I am supposed to list all of the reasons why you should choose us to be your wedding photographers.

Where I talk about our passion for photography.

Our style.

Instead I am going to tell you a story about a girl I met in 2006.

I was traveling a lot. Living a little in Vancouver, some in Houston, some in Jersey. All over the place.

My mom lives in Michigan. I went to visit between travels. I needed a haircut while I was there.

There was a salon within walking distance of my mom's place. I walked there and had a 30 second conversation with a girl named Jaynie before somebody else cut my hair. I left town. Gone.

A few weeks later my mom went to the same salon to get her hair cut. Or colored. Or something that girls do at salons. Long story short, Jaynie gave my mom her phone number.

Jaynie swears it didn't go down this way - that it was the other way around.

But I kept the card.

And that's how I met my wife.

See the card here:

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