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Majestic Events provides elegant and professional New Jersey wedding entertainment, including photography, video, photo booths and DJ services. Majestic Events understands at a wedding or event, every element comes together to create the overall experience. We believe in our core values that include listening to your needs, your preferences and your desires to ensure photos and service that fits with the needs of your wedding.

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We had several problems with Julian (the owner) of Majestic Events.

1) Its now over 2 years since our wedding, and he failed to deliver on lined items in our contract including: a) wedding album; b) 2 parent albums; c) 8 x 11 Proof Books; d) included enlargements; and e) cigars / humidor that were included.
2) Regarding the photos there were several problems: a) During the planning process, he provided sample albums to look at that appear to have been taken by other photographers. b) The 2 photographers at our wedding apparently did not know each other, and had not worked together before. c) Many of the photographs we received were useless (of the back of people's heads, or included the other photographer).
3) We have paid in full, and Julian does not answer our calls (he sends our calls to voicemail). And he does not respond to emails.


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