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I love shooting weddings.

I love seeing people in love. It fills me with energy and motivates me. I create my best work when I feel a connection to the couple, when I see them for who they really are. So on a wedding day I work with this mindset, trying to create some beautiful images that are all about the two of you. I don't want to be yet another photographer, shooting yet another wedding...I am looking for meaningful stories and really rad images. I believe in being present at your wedding heart and soul, in documenting your day as it is - and as it feels.

If you are looking for:
photos that show honest emotion;
photos to make your heart beat faster - or skip a beat altogether;
photos that tell your story in a beautiful natural way;
photos that focus more on the people, than the decorations;
photos you actually want to go back to and look again and again;
photos that are a pretty mix of photojournalism and fine art;

Well, I'm glad you're here. Let's talk!

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