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From photography to graphic design to my rainbow colored hair and to cooking, I can safely say creativity touches every aspect of my life. Though my formal degree is in graphic design, I have been photographing nearly anything and everything that moves for the past six years of my life. Over those years, I have come to the conclusion that the most relevant training isn't something that can be formally taught – it's one part having a natural eye and one part actually exploring and experiencing on your own.

Music is my second passion, right behind art and photography. I always enjoyed going to concerts and snapping shots with my basic point and shoot, but never felt like I could do the show any justice. Local bands always appreciated the photos, and even though they didn't live up to my standards, it inspired me to improve. I attended show after show, and eventually had a large enough portfolio to on board with an online publication.

That was nearly four years ago, and since then I have had the pleasure of photographing in excess of 200 concerts and tours. My photography has been featured on numerous official band websites and social networks, including those of national acts: In This Moment, My Darkest Days, Sevendust and Shinedown.

Last year, I had the highest honor of being asked to photograph a well-known guitarist's wedding. Being able to capture such an intimate and meaningful day of their lives inspired me to start actively pursuing wedding photography. While I know that everyone has a different taste, and every photographer a different style, I assure you that I put forth more than 100% to make sure I capture your better than ordinary moments in the lighting and justice they deserve.

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