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In order to be irreplaceable, one must be unique" --Coco Chanel

At Lavishly Lux Studio we wholeheartedly believe and embody that. We are a wedding collective comprising of the most talented and passionate wedding photographers and videographers. Our style is described as a unique expression of your love told flawlessly, romantically and elegantly. We’re inspired by the expression of true love, unscripted and unposed. The beauty of spontaneous moments, the sweetness of a good love story, and the exuberance of a happy couple are what sets our hearts a flutter.

Our work is dreamy, romantic, and elegant. Think a misty day in Paris, the green wilds of Ireland, the cobblestone streets of Buenos Aires or a forest glen at sunset right here in Texas. At weddings we bear witness to many facets of the human condition. Love. Excitement. Anxiety. Wistfulness. We feel blessed that we get to photograph couples on their most joyous day. Let us be your fairytale photographer for your fairytale day.

Though we’re based in Texas we hope to one day expand throughout the rest of the country. Contact us for more info.

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