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I am Laurentiu Nica, photographer from Romania/Europe, with 6 years experience in press photography, photojournalist with other words… I was working for regional and national newspapers, national and international press agencies. I quit this job, but my passion for this domain it’s still alive.
And, YES ! I choose to go forward with my passion to photography, in special with people’s photography, in a style that describe the wedding exactly at it is, with spectacular framings and angles,candid shots, engaging me in less arrangements that in classic wedding photography. I think that a combination of those two wedding styles, make the event to be more natural. Including photo session, I try to make the people to be more relaxed, more intimate, but depends the personality of each other, of course.
I prefer the natural light. I love it! Rather, a photograph will create felings like naturalness through the shadows or the colors offered by ambiental light, than to be flattened by the flashes. So,I try to use the flash, only when the situation demands.

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