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Photography has always been a passion for me, and it has become a job through synchronicity. I started using photographs in my work as a psychotherapist , because I recognized the importance of the emotional and evocative power that photographs have.

I love photographing people because I love capturing the emotions my subjects feel, and I know it is invaluable to have a shot to revisit our own emotions.

From my early experiences as a photographer I have always used a photojournalistic style because is part of my way of being, first of all, and also because spontaneity can grab the emotions felt by the people. I don't like to intervene in the events, I carefully follow everything that happens in a natural way.

I love ...
... Cooking , as the conviviality shared with loved ones
... The summer, when I sip a glass of chilled white wine on the beach at sunset
... The winter , when the noisy storms contrast with the silence of a book, a sofa and a plaid
... Playing hide and seek with my cat, I swear !
... And say what I think even when it can sound inconvenient!
I think ...
... The sensibility, the determination, the curiosity, the accord with own emotions , the knowledge, the continuous research to discover and to expose ourselves, can move any mountain!
... The Love , the real one , that has nothing to do with our unfullfilled needs , exist
... but to live it authentically, first of all, we have to learn loving ourselves!
I could not live without ...
... My few but trusted friends
... My car
... The fear that give me the courage

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