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Your wedding day will be beautifully amazing and we want to be there for you every step of the way! From getting the dress ready.. to the surprise of the first time you see each other.. to the dancing and celebration.

You'll look back at your photographs in a year, 7 years from now or maybe your grandchildren will look at your photographs and see how the world stopped, even if just for a day. The world stopped for you. For your love.

Your wedding photos should reflect how your day actually was. Maybe it rained. Perhaps it might have been the hottest day EVER. The client that hires us understands that the day can't be controlled and we are along for the ride. If you decide last minute to have your wedding ceremony on a moving trolley through downtown Charleston, maybe you elope to beaches of Mexico or exchange vows high in the mountains of North Georgia. It doesn't matter where.

We want to be your photographer! We want to tell your story!

Your wedding day is special and just as no two weddings are the same, neither are the photography needs. We design wedding photography packages to fit the needs of your day which keeps them afforable!

We can't wait to hear how you got engaged!

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