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I am a storyteller, far beyond of a simple photographer. I speak with my photos, and you hear my voice with my images. The beautiful, romantic and in the moment is our photographic style. We are lovers of natural light, passionate about music and poet of wonders. Life itself is full of touching moments, filled with love and passion. Our images reflect all this and that moment of your life which is filled with beautiful little details that only happen once in a lifetime and you want to remember it, forever. These are the exciting moments that make us smile and love our work. My husband Luis and I, work as a team and together we work to make very special, every little detail that we capture on our cameras. Not only we focus on gorgeous poses, but we capture every minute of you live and your special moment as it is happening. This is why we are dedicated to this, it is not just a way to make a living, but that we are creators of your story.

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