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Serving the Hudson Valley Region, NYC, CT, DE, NJ, PA, MD and beyond.

For the last 10 years, Kate has been capturing candid, authentic, and beautiful photos for couples on their wedding day. Her goal is to be as unobtrusive throughout the day as possible ... because the best pictures happen during real moments.

All sessions come with a complimentary engagement session.

If you find yourself nodding your head as you read the following statements, then Kate might be a great fit for your day!

1. You truly, truly love authentic and beautiful photos. Every decision about your wedding is super important ... but choosing a photographer that will give you amazing photos is THE most important thing to you.

2. You can already imagine yourself showing your grandchildren your wedding photos. 

3. You love photos ... but don't necessarily love having your photo taken. You LOVE the idea of my treating your day like a memory scavenger hunt where I capture your emotions and the fleeting moments of your day with guests with minimal intrusion. 

4. You think it would be really awesome to have your wedding photographer photograph your future (ever-growing) family photos. (This is my greatest joy!)

5. You absolutely want your digital files. But not because they're going to collect virtual dust. You have big plans for the albums, cards, and prints you're going to make -- and enjoy for decades to come. 

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