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No two weddings are alike. I love the individuality that comes alive at a wedding. Seeing a couples personality mixed into the wedding day is so important in telling the story of who they are, what they love and what keep them together as a united couple.

I have a fairly hands off approach. I’m all about capturing the real moments and emotions of the day, the nervous anticipation before the ceremony, the sweet and subtle little glances to one another as you read your vows, or the release of energy on the dance floor with your closest friends and family there by your side.

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Get to Know a Wedding Photographer: JSL Pictures
Get to Know a Wedding Photographer: JSL Pictures

I’ve been working as a photographer for 10 years and was first trained as a commercial photographer in New York. I later went on to pursue my MFA in London and was awarded the European Leica Award. My work has been exhibited throughout the US and Europe. I grew up in Northern California...