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The brainchild of a Kent based photographer with an eye for the unusual, JJosland Photography specialises in stylish and intimate wedding and engagement photos for discerning couples across the UK.

JJosland Photography distinguishes itself through natural wedding photography, focusing more on unplanned pictures and organic moments rather than setting up group photos. Couples are able to choose how loosely or rigorously structured their wedding photography will be, with leniency for the photographer to capture the more fleeting moments of joy and celebration.

One of the key tenets of JJosland’s approach is the documentary photography style. Rather than manufacturing moments, JJosland tells the story of the wedding day through pictures. By getting to know the couple and their guests, photographer Joe Josland is able to meld into the background, making for a more cohesive and natural document of a couple’s special day.

Available for shoots in Kent and the rest of the UK, and for special occasions abroad, JJosland Photography offers a flexible wedding photography service with unique ability and character. JJosland wedding shoots go beyond the big moments to capture the spirit and emotion of the day, painting a more complete picture of a wedding and its individual characters.

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One of the questions I get asked most often as a wedding photographer is how I capture real emotion in my photographs. It’s absolutely pivotal to my documentary style that I eschew the usual poses and shoot people in a natural manner. Most often that means being slightly covert and finding a way to take photos that are flattering while still being emotionally honest.