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Wedding & Engagement Photography - with a little bit of general portraiture on the side

Based in Spartanburg/Greenville, SC

I didn't just wake and decide to become a photographer. That type of love has to grow on you. Back in 2010, I joined the photography industry. I slowly but surely made my way into the being photographer I am today, by doing my own research and trial and error work and just building up my skills over years of experience.

I am a mother to a curly headed little girl and a wife to a crazy puerto rican named David.

I pay a GREAT deal of attention to small details. My photographs are shown for clients to really see what is between the two of them. How their love is displayed in a much different way: A way they had never thought of.

I LOVE MY JOB. And I love having people that will allow me to experience their love for each other through photographs. Once again, my job ROCKS.

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