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I would love to tell your story and capture the moments you hold closest.

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Hello there gorgeous.

I'm Jennifer. Wife. Mother. Lover of life with a passion for photography.
This is my story

The Simple Stuff: I love light. I love the feeling of a soft breeze on my face. I love the smell of the Arizona dirt after a monsoon. Rocking a great pair of heels and a cute blazer make me feel like I can accomplish anything. Carmel lattes, a.k.a. my "good luck lattes," are my favorite treat before I shoot a wedding.

The Good Stuff: I love home. Home is where I find my strength. It's wrapped in a hug, my face pressed tight against my husband's chest. It's being a mother to two bubbly little girls and one adorable baby boy who keeps me on the go. Our other babies are our two German Shepherds, one old…one young, both spoiled.

I love life and the beauty it holds in the simplest of moments. I enjoy watching my children grow and discover those little moments. I love listening to my girls giggle while watching their blond hair bounce as they run and play with their Daddy. I adore seeing my sweet boy's sleepy smile as I peek at him in his crib…melts my heart every time. These are the moments I live for.

Details. Oh how I adore tiny details. It's what makes each day and each person unique. Photography allows attention to be given to small moments and then make them powerful. Even if they last only a second they live forever through the lens of my camera. I would love to tell your story and capture the moments you hold closest.

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Desert Botanical Garden Engagement Shoot

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