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Hi. My name is Indu and I am a Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer. I have always had a passion and love for arts. As a kid, I loved drawing and always drew on the walls of my house (something my mother was not very fond of). In high school, I was determined to be a fashion designer, combining my love for arts and of course, fashion. However, I compromised with my dad instead (he wanted me to major in Computer Science) and majored in Graphic Design and minored in Photography, something that, in the grand scheme of things, worked out in my favor :)

I am a huge romantic and I love listening to love stories. What better medium to capture and tell those love stories than through photographs? The candid moments between people, the look, the unspoken words, the feeling of what love feels like, and how happy it makes one feel, is what I look for and aim to capture. Whether it’s your wedding day or you have a new addition to your family, I would love to capture your life’s precious moments for you and yours to remember and cherish.

Photography for me has truly been a gratifying experience as I get to meet amazing people and feel truly honored to be able to provide them with everlasting treasure of memories. I love meeting people and making friends and would love to meet you for a cup of chai or coffee :)

I am based in the Bay Area, but definitely love adventures and will travel the world.

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