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Photography is a way to capture a moment and experience life through the eyes of another — it’s a window into someone else’s world, a memory, a feeling. A good photograph transports you back to the moment it was taken, with all of the emotion, the joy, and the love. And years down the line, that photograph can conjure up old feelings and emotions long forgotten. Photographs are snapshots of our lives. They preserve moments that would otherwise slowly slip away. In the end, photographs remain even after we are long gone, passed down from generation to generation.

And that is exactly what I aim to produce: photographs that capture the moments you’ll want to remember, and that stand the test of time. I love to capture the special moments of the everyday and the not so every day. I work to capture the perfect moment as it happens, but also to create beautiful moments that are truly unique. Each picture is an expression of your personality and each snapshot captures that as you naturally are.

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