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F/stop poetry was started as a love affair with photography, Columbia college Alumni camaraderie, and a mutual obsession with Mary Ellen Mark. Through the years it turned into a business despite the fact that neither Erin nor Alicia ever saw themselves as “business owners. ” Alicia walked into a studio office one day with nothing but a few wedding images on a disc, and a website with a half naked photo of herself smoking a cigarette while wearing bear gloves for her interview. It was Erin that hired her with only seeing that. Erin's incredible ability to judge the possibility and not the package made her brave enough to hire Alicia and creative enough to 'get' her, even in her underwear. After Erin left, in a scene like Jerry McGuire, Alicia went with her in search of making the kind of wedding photography that would convey how inspired they were by the people they met. They wanted to make photographs with the purpose of documenting love creatively and authentically . Because their couples are their inspiration they find it hard not to become their friends. They become so invested in their stories that they often go back to shoot the next stages of their lives, whether they are everyday moments, happy occasions, or heartbreaking obstacles. It's the heart breaking obstacles that remind us of our humanity and push us to be strong, so only shooting the happy moments seemed too easy. They are inspired by strong women, their community, and the underdog. They hope to bring their desire to be understanding and perceptive to every wedding because they know every couple has a story that is real, and beautiful. And like Mary Ellen Mark says “reality is always extraordinary.”

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