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Time to add another couple to the invitation list.

P.J. and Erica Oswald (that's us) are the husband and wife duo behind Fits and Stops Photography. Invite us and our cameras to the wedding and you'll be sure to end up with images that let you relive every moment of your wedding day.

We blend a photojournalistic and contemporary style, born from over 3 years crafting wedding images and a decade in graphic design. Clean, moving images—the kind you'll still love decades into your marriage—are what we do best. Though we've also got that creative drive to capture you and the people you love in unconventional and dramatic ways. We love to get outdoors and off the beaten path, and have a blast with couples who feel the same.

Oh, and we speak geek fluently.

Choose us for fine wedding and engagement photography, captured with love in Sacramento and all around Northern California.

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Meet a Wedding Photographer in Sacramento, CA: Fits and Stops Photography
Meet a Wedding Photographer in Sacramento, CA: Fits and Stops Photography

The name. It always starts with the name: “So, why Fits and Stops?” they ask. My family had saved our pennies for a long-awaited trip to Scotland. Knowing just how beautiful the green and gray landscape would be, we purchased our first DSLR camera. I wasn’t all that interested, actually, as my wife Erica was the one who’d taken photography classes in high school. But once I got my hands on the camera—

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