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Although I am a photographer, I consider myself to be an artist first and foremost. Each moment of your wedding offers the intuitive photographer a chance to capture something magical and transcendent, and it is my goal to explore these moments so you can look back twenty years from now and remember everything wonderful about your wedding day. You may not be able to recall exactly how the cake tasted or the band sounded, but you will be able to look back on your photographs and share memories of the ceremony, the guests, and the special quality of the day.

My photography is colorful, bold, and exciting: the perfect way to capture the most special day of your life! My aim is to photograph not only the big moments during the day, but also those little moments in between the big ones: the secret smile you have reserved for one another, a quiet moment between you and your grandmother. I have a very relaxed, casual shooting style and my goal is to make the day just a little bit less stressful for you. I want you to be comfortable and at ease so you can focus on every precious moment of your wedding day.

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