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Alexandra Kahn has been working in photo and video for over seven years. With an extensive background in marketing and sales, she began in the commercial media and outdoor industry, For the past few years, Alex has focused on a more creative form of photography, relishing in the emotions, details, and unforgettable moments that come when working with expecting parents, families and newlyweds. As an extremely detail oriented person, she has found a knack for event planning as well and enjoys coordinating and planning with each vendor to create the cohesive look her clients desire.​

Alex would describe her work as candid and fluid, promoting genuine emotion and movement in her images, which inherently makes her clients feel more comfortable in front of the camera. With years in the outdoor industry she has a knack for outdoor imagery and landscapes. Working in the commercial industry has allowed her to develop her artistic photography skills and her art direction skills; she looks as her clients as models in photoshoots and they are typically very pleased with the result.

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