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I believe that the first purpose of a work of art is to convey truth and the second is to reveal beauty. I know that might sound a little corny, but there you have it. I’m not interested in a thousand posed pictures, (but maybe ten.) I don’t want you to look back on your event and think, “Oh, I remember when we posed for that and when the photographer made us stand there and then she couldn’t get the flash right so we had to wait for the….”

I want you to experience your love and revel in the beauty of your day.

I will stay out of the way as much as possible on your big day but also be there to guide you into the best you. (That sounds confusing and grammatically incorrect, but its not, I promise.) Photographing people is my passion because you will never laugh, kiss, or even sneeze the same way twice. I do not only want to simply make a visual record of your day, but help you relive the emotions, beauty and truth in your life when you see the images.

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