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Photography for me didn’t start when I was very young. Nor was it my first career interest. I did, however, become incredibly inspired by another wedding photographer’s work four years ago while living in one of my favorite cities, Charleston, South Carolina. This photographer’s imagery left such an impression on me that I dropped everything I was doing at the time and decided that photography is what I must pursue. And here I am today, doing just that!

It’s a very liberating experience getting to document real life and that’s partly why I love shooting weddings so much. There’s something so raw and real about the emotions on a wedding day that can’t be faked or reinvented. And each wedding is a unique story. Every couple adds something new to the mix. I love being there to capture their day and the events as they happen. The story is there and it unveils before me. I capture these things – the details, the beauty, the drama, the characters – the way I see them.

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Get to Know a Wedding Photographer: Emily Clack Photography
Get to Know a Wedding Photographer: Emily Clack Photography

I grew up in Richmond, VA and now live in Washington, D.C., which I love. I’ve always been the creative type and started off as a graphic designer before discovering wedding photography. I started my photography business 3 ½ years ago and have enjoyed every minute of it.