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Life steadily moves and it always seems to go way too fast. It’s my job to capture just a few glimpses of your life so that years from now you can remember these precious moments. Life is just beautiful and the world is my empty canvas. I visualize constantly, when I see a breathtaking countryside or a gorgeous sunset, I think about what it would be like to take a portrait and the creativity that would come out of that particular setting. Photography is my release from the stress of the world and with it, time stands still. I am an on-location photographer in Northeast Kansas, specializing in natural light - outdoor photography. I lean towards a rustic style when I shoot on-location, but no matter the setting, I bend light to enhance vivid coloring in my photographs which I feel defines my unique photography style. Rather than directing and posing, I allow you to be yourselves – to explore, to laugh and to let your personality shine. I view each photograph I take as art – a single, captured moment freezing time. I desire to give my clients only the quality of photos that I would love to have on my own walls. I look forward to meeting and working with you!

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