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Home isn’t just a physical place, but rather it’s within my community. They have shaped who I am, and will continue to challenge who I will become. I’m currently based in Oakland, California but spend a lot of time on the road between here, Hawaii, Chicago, and New York.

Since 2008, I’ve had the honor to photograph and witness ceremonies and cultures sharing love all across the US, as well as internationally, from Mexico to India, and Singapore to Spain. My couples have taught me a lot about the world, and more importantly, about love. It’s something I’ve grown to hold dearly throughout the years.

I studied electrical engineering before transitioning to study photography. Cortados and macchiatos are my favorite drinks. Fish tastes better raw. The outdoors refresh and inspire my soul. Arts and youth development are heavy topics of my heart. When I’m not behind a camera, you’ll find me behind the wheel of my car at a local race track.

Des, my better half, is not only my partner, but also my biggest critic. Together since 2009, shooting weddings together since 2011, and happily married since 2016.

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