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If you like my work, we’re probably a lot alike.

You might be a tad bit sentimental. You might want to hold on to seemingly simple things like the way your lover gives you that naughty little smile when no one else is watching. Or maybe you treasure those ordinary moments others take for granted.

It’s possible you’ve realized that one of the coolest things in the world would be to take a minute of your relationship and capture it, exaggerate it, make it art - tack it to your fridge with campy plastic magnets, or parade it on Facebook and count the comments. Or maybe you want to blow it up huge and make a statement on your wall like ‘Hell ya, that’s us.’.

And, if you’re not careful, you might just start thinking a wedding dress really does deserve to have one last daring celebration before it dutifully retires into a dusty cardboard box.

Yep, if you like my work, we’re probably a lot alike. Let’s get together. Let’s create something amazing.

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