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My name is carla, I love photography, art, animals, love stories, vintage and everything handmade has a special taste for my eyes.
I never get tired of saying how I adore how shy the light looks in the morning, and how golden it gets at the end of the day. I am a sun chaser, till the last ray of golden light touches my hair.
I think life is the biggest adventure and no matter what you do or which direction you go, if it is guided by love, than that's the right direction.
I am imaginative, creative, intense and I fall for the simple and creative.
Traveling moves all my senses and I seek things that startle me and I want to meet people that I will never forget.
In my photography there is few formality, there is lightness, creativity and passion. I love everything that's truly spontaneous.
I believe that there is nothing bigger than the small things. I want all the details that say so much about the unique love stories I am lucky enough to photograph.
My favorite part of my job is to be a part of your lives and register in images all thats captured on the most important day of your lives.
On the wedding day I want the secret looks, the laugh, the dance cheek to cheek, the kisses, hugs and the sparkle in the eyes of those who are maddly in love.
Available for wedding in Brazil and worldwide. Contact me at [email protected]

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