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Brooke Schultz is a Utah based wedding photographer who is passionate about capturing happy people who love each other. She also loves referring to herself in the third person, the ocean, inky pens, and melty ice cream. She believes in the beauty of imperfection and squeals at the unique details that make weddings joyful.

Photographic Philosophy: A life well-lived is made up of the people you love, the memories you create, and the bonds you share. After all the food is eaten, the dress is sold off, and the babies are born, grown, and gone, what will you have left?

With a blend of the photojournalistic, the fresh, the timeless, and the passionate–infused into every pixel–we’re creating not only beautiful art, but daily reminders of how abundant and rich in love and beauty your life is.

I am thrilled at the prospect of bottling those memories into photographs with you!

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