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I’m Ashley

This is most definitely the part where I explain that I picked up my moms camera at the sharp age of two and snapped my first oh-ma-goodness fabulous photo. Well, I’m sorry but that sure didn’t happen with me but I’m completely okay with that. While I was a pretty artsy-fartsy kid, the real story is after hours months years of begging my now-husband to hook me up with a DSLR for a hobby. He finally obliged soon after our wedding (Man this ring has super powers, swear you’ll love it). So, what started out as a hobby turned into a huge upgrade within a year and a passion and craving for more.

I AM…A complete fool for love. No joke.

I love that sparkle in a woman’s eye when she is embraced by the man she loves. I love the look on a mans face when his lady is looking extra spicy. I love the warmth that is shared between them. The small gentle kisses. The playful slap on the arm when it’s just not the place for that(and no I don’t condone abuse). I love the bursts of laughter and even the tears of happiness(or sad, we all need it). I adore a simple wink because there is always more behind it.

I laugh a lot. I sing far too much(even though I’m comparable to an American Idol reject…but worse). I spoil my pets. I adore my husband. I crave tattoos. I’m horrible at lying, just ask my husband. I smile uncontrollably when something makes my heart melt. I tear up, not sob, when I hear one profess their feelings for another. I believe wholeheartedly that love knows no bounds.

Your wedding is the best day of your life and I treat it as if it were my own. It’s important to you and definitely important to me. I do not want to just be your wedding photographer. I want to be your lifelong friend who just happens to take fabulous photos, documenting your life from this day forward.

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