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Welcome to Ajay Golani Photography!

We are team of professional photographers studio based in Dubai Media City – Dubai UAE .

Our style of coverage is a natural, candid approach, allowing everyone to be themselves.

Its an eloquent style that allows the day to describe itself as we create the wedding day story.

What excites us photographically, is light, composition and the perfect moment.

When you turn and look at each other and the light’s hitting you just right, that’s what we call photography magic!
We believe in capturing authentic moments that transcend time and shooting with both digital and cinema cameras.
The power of photography as and artistic tool is that it can capture such emotionally
powerful moments through timeless imagery.

We’re continually honored when asked to capture a couples portrait or wedding.

Over the years, we’ve had the honor of working with such incredible couples as well as some the best designers, planners and florists in our industry.

we are always thrilled to get to share our work

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